A brief lesson in how to spell "yarmulke"

February 23, 2008 in New York

Our Story So Far: Thursday night, I was recommended a new synagogue on the UWS to check out. I cajoled DS into going with me.

This Saturday morning began like most, arguing with the 9am alarm. By the time I struggled through showering and getting dressed, it was around 10. I was supposed to be at DS' apartment at 10. You may realize the dilemma this presented.

When I finally showed up, we figured we would probably miss the uptown service anyway and decided to go to 29th street (our usual shul). Jumped in a cab, shot over there, service still in progress, everything going fine.

Until... the yarmulke basket was empty.

I've never seen this before.

DS had mentioned there was a really good speaker today, and apparantly he drew so many people that they took all the kippot. I'm still incredulous. Well, we couldn't just waltz into the sanctuary without them. We looked around, nothing. Went downstairs, into the offices, nothing. A little kid in the Hebrew school offered us an extra he carried, but his teacher wouldn't let him (wtf?). There were straight up no kippot left in the entire synagogue. We went outside to plot and considered going to GV's to take some of his, but concluded there wasn't time. I remarked that in theory, we really could just go in without... but we didn't feel comfortable about it.

Finally, out came the iPhone and the BlackBerry. Saved! There was a synagogue 5 blocks away. Presumably we could steal two kippot and return to 29th street before the speaker was done. We started walking. Finally we arrived... at an apartment building. There was no synagogue. Way to go, Google maps.

At this point we were a bit disappointed. The situation was highly ridiculous. And then we realized that Someone was obviously telling us to go to 86th street. There was no other plausible explanation for a synagogue running out of yarmulkes.

We went. It was great. The congregation has Saturday services inside this beautiful church becuse the number of people who attend would overwhelm the synagogue. Highlights included Ein Keloheinu in Spanish (Argentinian Rabbi, check) and one Malcolm Halpern Fox, who rocked out on his Bar Mitzvah. Absolutely amazing.

Anyway, I guess for want of a yarmulke, a shul was found.

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