March 8, 2008 in New York,Photos


I took this picture walking home from my office a few sundays ago (yes, sunday) from the corner of 49/Park, looking West. There was this very surreal "comic book" feel about the scene.

There is a touch of HDR at work here (you can see the "halo effect" in the sky around the buildings), but mostly the impact is due to color correction -- saturation muted, especially reds and yellows; blues and general contrast enhanced. There's something very powerful about the way the Rock gets lit up at night... there aren't many buildings in this city that have both the exposed surface area (read: no glass) and surrounding openness to pull it off.

If I had to reshoot, I'd use a slightly narrower lens -- the apparent curve of the buildings on the left is a little frustrating, since it's the almost monolithic solemnity of the perpendicular buildings that I think works so well here.

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