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February 2, 2008 in Quotes

So this is the green room, apparently. I probably expended more energy naming this site than I will maintaining it (more on that later).   I know, it's not actually green... maybe one day. Expect to see the design change a lot over the next few days/weeks/etc.  

Ben told me that in surfing "the green room" refers to being in the barrel of a wave, which I thought was a really cool image. It's also got a (probably better known) meaning relating to performance venues as a prep room for actors/speakers/musicians when they aren't on stage.  Neither would be too far off for a blog title. However my choice borrows somewhat more from nostalgia -- when we were little, Gideon and I used to repeat (ad nausea) a piece of rapid-fire dialogue from a rather undistinguished comedy called My Fellow Americans, as two ex-presidents give an expediated tour of the White House:

"This is the Green Room."
"It's a room."
"It's green."
"Any questions?"
"Not from me."
"Let's go!"

And now you know. Let's go.

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