Round after round, ramp after ramp

February 23, 2008 in New York,Photos


We went to the Guggenheim this afternoon to see the big new exhibit that just opened. It's pretty fantastic. The cars above are the centerpiece, backflipping up through the rotunda. The sparks are animated LEDs.

Aside -- I was waiting in the phenomenal Cafe Fiorello on Thursday and this older guy at the table next to me leans over out of nowhere and says, "Do you like art?" I was more than a little surprised but I said yes, and he pulls out his iPhone and shows me pictures from the Guggenheim exhibit; apparently he had attended the pre-show show. Then he left.

Another popular piece was the wolves -- 99 of them. The start out scattered on the floor, so you walk among them, except we didn't because we were walking the wrong way, and eventually they make it up into the air...


(That guy's coming over to tell me to stop taking pictures.)

And of course there were the gunpowder prints... very cool stuff. Perhaps next week, the new MoMA exhibit.

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