Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

April 14, 2008 in General

Apparently there are enough people reading this that I've actually managed to disappoint some of you with my recent silence. A select few have been angered to the point of threats, which, while flattering in its own way, is just a little overenthusiastic. Moreover, I'll disregard for the moment your suspicious concentration in Greenwich.

Needless to say, your identities are safe and I won't embarrass any of you unless of course my reserve price is met.

So before we dive into the World At Large - statistics in the news! the banks find new ways to lose money! The Office is back! - I'm going to test your patience just once more by presenting a list of the songs I can't stop listening to. ("Oh..." I hear you sigh, "How nice...")

  1. The World is Mine, David Guetta. Unquestionably the theme song of '08 Baby! since we went to hear him spin a few weeks ago. Quickly racing to the top of my most played list.
  2. Doesn't Remind Me, Audioslave. It's not quite You Know My Name, but it's close.
  3. Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Bruce Springsteen. G-Unit played this for me this winter and I just did not get it. Now it's warm(er). I get it.
  4. Don't Belong, Tiesto. Track 3, what can I say?
  5. Morningside, Sara Bareilles. Come on you know her, she has that song called Love Song all over the radio. And the rest of the album is actually great. This is top, followed by Come Round Soon.

And for good measure, Angry & Wrathful (to the tune of Hollaback Girl), RobDon (obviously); Love is Gone, David Guetta (the song we we remember Gideon by).

Talk with you soon.

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