The M is dead, long live the M

April 17, 2008 in General

This weekend's drive has driven home the realization that my car is gone. (Assuming I even can drive with my knee shot to hell. Squash is a bloodsport dressed up with golf claps and lets. But I digress.) But I won't go on moping about it because a) the new car in the stable is pretty sweet and b) I have these videos to relive (or in this case just live) the amazingness...

First, from the UK's weirdest (but best) car show, Top Gear, a showdown between the BMW M3, the Mercedes C63 AMG and the Audi RS4. The Mercedes "wins" but come on it doesn't even have a stickshift:

Next, from the UK's second-weirdest car show Fifth Gear, all M3 all the time:

And back to Top Gear for a little nostalgia - their last-gen M3 CSL review:

oh yeah and reason c) I'll just steal my brother's car.

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