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February 5, 2008 in Technology


I am really happy with my WordPress installation, and I love my Mac, so I was rather disappointed to find that they don't play nicely together in one regard. The TinyMCE editor has a devilish tendency to strip line breaks if accessed in Safari 3+, both in the visual and code views. The prospect of running around entering <p> and <br> all over my posts... not pleasant. There seems to be a massive debate raging about whose fault this is -- Apple, TinyMCE, WordPress, and I frankly don't care as long as there is a way to fix it. I find other browsers slow, clunky and (yes) ugly compared to Safari, so I have absolutely no desire to adopt a two-browser solution.

Enter Fluid.

Fluid is a program that creates a single-site browser (the cool kids say SSB). Essentially, you give it a web address and it creates a completely native Mac OS application which has one purpose -- to run that website. The classic examples are running it with GMail, Facebook, etc. etc. so you can keep those sites in your dock or whatever. It is fast, nice to look at, and - most critically - its engine is for one reason or another compatible with TinyMCE.

So I basically run a 1.5 browser solution -- a native app called "This is the Green Room" for site admin and Safari for everything else (well, and Cyberduck for FTP, Textmate for coding and a yet undetermined CSS editor for design, but you know what I mean). It isn't as slow or jarring as jumping off to Camino or Firefox, and until Safari comes around I'm sticking to it. In fact I like it so much I may keep it for quite a while even after...

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