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November 4, 2009 in News,Politics

In a cab last night, I heard a radio station broadcast a medly of "Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States" calls, followed by a heavily caffeinated announcing repeatedly that it has been one year since Obama was elected and soliciting comments from his audience.

Yesterday was November 3. Obama was elected on November 4.

I don't think that Election Day qualifies as a floating holiday in the same way that Thanksgiving or Columbus Day do. T-shirts from last year rarely displayed "Election Day 2008" - instead, they grounded their message with a real date: November 4, 2008. Somehow the claim that the election was "one year ago" doesn't sit right with me. I guess the real question is when do the Obamas toast the anniversary of their victory - did they do it last night or will they wait for tonight? I know it's the latter, but my radio station would obviously fall behind the rest with stale reports on things nobody cares about anymore because another media outlet had an excuse to broadcast it earlier.

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