"A revolution in the American fantasy"

July 13, 2009 in Internet

The RWW article I just discussed included a link at the end to an excellent discussion of American egoism and hypocrisy as epitomized by the glorification of the Twitter's recent role in Iran, decrying it as "a revolution in the American fantasy."

While I found it a to lean a bit on the conspiracy side, and I would aknowledge further the fact that Twitter played an imperfect role as the communications device du jour while the government was attempting to censor everything (see: WWII resistance radio), it is a well-written expose of the technological and cultural biases coloring most people's perception of Twitter's role in the election's aftermath.

Moreover, it wonders where all this angst was for other recent elections, or if it will re-emerge for the upcoming Afghan elections. Or was this just a flash-mob event, fueled more by concern for a piece of software's visibility than the plight of real people? That would be tragic beyond words.

A sobering read on the state of hype as it relates to social media.

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