Automotive journalism at its worst

July 29, 2009 in General

This article on the newly-announced Ferrari 458 is so incredibly bad - in content and in tone - that I am forced to conclude that Ferrari paid the author for the publicity. Moreover, what's it doing on a technology site? The complete sum of knowledge regarding this vehicle is four photographs and a vague press release; it won't be fully revealed until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September - and the article doesn't mention any of that anyway.


People who actually own a Ferrari are, to a man, the kind of self-obsessed weasels you'd cross the road to avoid. And they'd be walking because the Ferrari will be under a dust sheet, broken or being serviced.

And if that didn't scare you off:

A Ferrari may be an aspirational vehicle, but then so are BMWs, Mercedes and Jaguars costing a fraction of the price and offering practical, reliable, motoring enjoyment. These cars are bought by people who know about driving rather than simply having more money than sense.

Ah, the old "Why buy a steak at Luger's when you could get one at Friday's?" argument. And here I thought the whole idea behind choice in consumption was to accomodate differing preferences. I really don't want to enter this flame war, so just one more quick thought: is the author absolutely out of his mind?

And yes, I will spare you a soliloquy on the automotive wonder that is shared by all - and exclusive to none - of these manufacturers.

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