Bloomingdales' hi-tech showcase?

October 26, 2009 in Technology

Confession: I got lost in Bloomingdales.

This turned out to be a Very Good Thing, because it's how, way in the back of the women's cosmetics department, I discovered that Bloomingdales has a glasses-free 3D television set.

The screen itself is unassuming, and positioned as the backdrop to a small un-manned display table, just like countless other promotions throughout the store. But as I walked by, it literally jumped out at me. It's a hard effect to describe, and obviously a photo wouldn't do it justice - but there's a clear sense of depth in the screen's moving images. It's very impressive.

The screen itself was one of the parallax-barrier types, but much bigger than I had heard of before (it looked to be about 32"). There were a couple of "hot spots" in front of it from which the 3D effect could be viewed properly. Standing outside a hot spot resulted in an image that seemed to float in an impossible dimension which, while eye-catching, quickly gave me a headache.

I spent about ten minutes staring at the thing from different angles, while many women in search of perfume went by and didn't give it a second look (though I earned a few confused glances). To each his - or her - own.

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