Charting value (maybe) part 2 or: why you should never believe the internet

July 7, 2009 in Technology

Back in May, I discussed a chart from Silicon Valley Insider which they claimed showed evidence of Microsoft's "laptop hunter" ads working by charting Microsoft and Apple popularity metrics. I found that the chart had a number of problems in its presentation, scale, and methodology and ultimately dismissed it as a poor analysis. Though there was some support for an idiosyncratic change, it was loose at best and seemed more of an downward trend for Apple following the iPhone 3.0 preview (which SVI mislabed on the graph) than anything else, as the chief characterization was manifested in a negative correlation or beta move, not an alpha move.

And so, in the spirit of vindication, I present this headline from AllThingsD: Microsoft “Laptop Hunters” Campaign Having No Effect Whatsoever on 13-inch MacBook Pro Sales. Unfortunately, in the spirit of honest reporting, I must say that the AllThingsD article doesn't actually mention the ad campaign or provide any evidence to support its claim, other than noting that sales of the new MBP may be outpacing Apple's demand expectations.

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