Don't Bing me

June 11, 2009 in Internet

The great Bing experiment has come to an end, having lasted just more than a week.

Google resoundingly won.

It wasn't so much that Bing's results were bad, per se, as much as I found myself constantly feeling sure that "hmm... Google would have better results." I can't say that Google's results were objectively "better", but they were more comforting, if that makes sense, and that made all the difference.

Plus, the strange image in the upper left corner of Bing always bothered me. And because I never saw the front page (using a direct search field in my browser instead), I never had any idea what it was.

But the clincher was Google's new quick search box, recently released for Leopard. Developed by the same guy behind the legendary Quicksilver (and let me say, installing Quicksilver on a Mac makes as much of a difference as switching from Windows in the first place), it is the "better mouse trap" app launcher/integrated search.

I won't lie, the more Google can do to lock me into their various services, the more loyal I am. That's a redundant statement, but you know how us Google junkies are...

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