Dude, that's a toad

May 29, 2009 in General

Tom Valenti, the world's greatest chef,  is featured in a June 8 Forbes article.  The author spent a day with Tom in upstate New York, hunting/gathering ingredients for a home-caught, home-cooked but nonetheless gourmet meal. Everything down to the spring water was collected in the wild (with the exception, I assume, of the French pinot blanc).

My favorite part comes as the two are searching for frogs legs, their pièce de résistance (a choice borne more out of desperation than desire):

So Tom Valenti and I don our waders, grab a flashlight and ease into the inky Beaverkill River. There's an unsettling splash in the riffle behind us. The trees on the bank groan. Darkness makes the river's noises more fraught with meaning.

"There's one," I whisper. Valenti splashes up beside me and gazes down at a warty amphibian on the bank. "Dude, that's a toad," he says. "Look for more green."

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