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November 25, 2009 in Internet

I'm pleased to present the new TGR: now with more green!

I've spent some time over the past few weeks learning a little CSS, PHP and Java (and I apologize for being so late to that party). I've been experimenting behind the scenes with TGR and tonight I'm excited to make those changes official.

So, what's new? The most obvious change is the design. All the styling here is done via CSS, so your experience will depend on your browser's abilities to render that code. Any modern browser should have no problems at all.

But... if you're using Internet Explorer, TGR ain't going to look too pretty. In fact, it'll look pretty boring. Don't worry, it'll still work just fine (I spent a lot of time making sure of that!) but in much the same way that a DB9 will "work just fine" if you fill it with regular. IE users, for the sake of all the people doing wonderful things with new web technologies, please do both them and yourselves a favor by upgrading to a modern browser. If you need a suggestion, my preferred browser on my Mac is Apple's Safari, though Camino is a fine alternative. On Windows, my choice is Google's Chrome but Mozilla's Firefox is quite popular as well.

I'll probably continue to tweak the design over time - so don't be shocked if a beautiful #009944 hyperlink becomes a similarly stunning shade of, say, #009a4c. There are also some new tabs up top - data, finance, math and risk - corresponding to the major themes I seem to gravitate toward. Those are in response to a number of readers' requests that I make certain information more accessible, and I've got some other tricks planned for the future (pending demand, of course) that will leverage TGR's new platform.

Which brings us to the most important change of all, one which is largely invisible - TGR now runs on Thesis, an excellent and highly extensible WordPress framework designed with modularity in mind - and that's important for someone like me, whose attempts at coding more frequently break the site than enhance it. Thesis has made it possible for me to ease into coding for the web, rather than having to wade through someone else's indecipherable PHP or start from scratch. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to take control of their WordPress blog or site.

Speaking of blogs and sites, there isn't much of a difference between them these days and in the near future I hope to take advantage of TGR's newfound versatility to host more projects and applications here. More on that when I figure it out myself...

As always, thanks for visiting, don't be strange and most importantly: don't panic.


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