John Rocker can't wait

April 16, 2009 in Sports

I'm enjoying the NYTimes blogs more and more.  From the Bats blog ("Yankee Stadium Crowd Welcomes Back Pavano"):

There are three scoreboards at Yankee Stadium that display the words that are spoken over the loudspeakers. They also describe the action a little. This made for a funny moment during John Sterling’s and Michael Kay’s pregame introductions.

When “Number 44, Carl Pavano” was announced, the crowd erupted with boos as Pavano took his place along the third-base line. Pavano, the notorious ex-Yankee, broke into a wide grin as he greeted his Cleveland Indians teammates.

The scoreboard described the scene with sublime understatement: “Number 44, Carl Pavano (Crowd Boos).”

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