Questionable rankings

September 14, 2009 in Data,Sports

I read this morning about the drama at last night's MTV video awards (does anyone actually watch this stuff?), but the episode was overshadowed in my mind by a quirky accident of rankings: if Taylor Swift beat Beyonce for the "Best Female Video", how can Beyonce go on to win "Video of the Year"? Presumably, video of the year should encompasses the gender-defined category!

In fact, Taylor Swift wasn't even among the video of the year nominees - which seems like an implicit statement of quality right from the start. From that perspective, she shouldn't have even had a chance at best female video. I'm not sure how the nomination process for this whole event works but it appears inherently flawed. My suspicion is that the nominators and voters must be drawn from different populations, for how else could they elect someone for best female video that they did not even consider for video of the year??

Fortunately, college football and its infallible ranking system have returned. Stay tuned.

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