Ten statisticians every psychologist should know

November 11, 2009 in Data,Math

Psychologist Daniel Wright has published a list of ten statisticians every psychologist should know.

The list is comprised of The Founding Fathers:

1. Karl Pearson - who established statistics as an academic discipline
2. Ronald Fisher - who developed much of statistics' mathematical foundation, including ANOVA and maximum likelihood, and the importance of p-values
3. Jerzy Neyman - who developed the null and alternative hypothesis framework and confidence intervals

A selection of Statistical Heroes:

4. John Tukey - who legitimized the use of graphs in science and developed robust statistical methods
5. Donal Rubin - who developed methods of establishing causality
6. Brad Efron - who developed the bootstrap resampling method

And four statisticians who devised Particularly Useful Techniques:

7. David Cox - who developed methods of transforming data along with George Box
8. Leo Goodman - who advanced categorical data analysis
9. John Nelder - who developed generalized linear models
10. Robert Tibshirani - who developed the lasso

I'm not sure if this is exactly the same list I'd come up with if it were aimed at statisticians rather than psychologists (Bayes is notably absent), but it's an excellent overview nonetheless and the paper is worth a few minutes' read.

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