Test driving America's dashboard

August 3, 2009 in Internet

Recently, the CIO of the United States released a Federal IT Dashboard, to show people exactly how their money is being spent. I've played with the site, and found it ultimately heavy on style and light on substance (3D graphs with slick animated transitions only frustrate me while I wait for results). But why read 2000 words on TGR when Steven Few, one of the experts in this field, has already written them?

I want to encourage Vivek Kundra to complement his fine intentions with more effective designs. There’s no need to duplicate the mistakes that most businesses still make when working with information. Data analysis and presentation best practices are not a mystery and aren’t difficult to learn. Several of us who know and care about this are available to help. I suspect that others would be willing, as I am, to assist free of charge. America can do better than this. We have a great opportunity to use information technology to make the world a better place. Let’s not miss it.

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