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May 28, 2009 in Trends

Hunting Trends

Today's graph indicates that hunting peaks during the late fall and early winter, while fishing peaks during the summer.  "Fishing" is the more-searched term throughout the year and "hunting" is only more frequently searched in late November/early December.  Furthermore, deer is the most commonly hunted animal and "deer" follows the same cyclical pattern as "hunting".

In most states, hunting for deer is highly regulated.  For example, in New Hampshire deer can be hunted by bow and arrow between September 15 and December 15th; they may be hunted with firearms only between November 14th and December 8th.  Other states have similar rules.   The graph suggests that hunters prefer not to be challenged as searches for "hunting" peak during the time horizon in which individuals are allowed to use firearms.

Lastly, searches for "hunting" were seasonally high in February 2006 due to a little accident involving Dick Cheney, a Bush-Cheney campaign contributor, and a very sneaky quail.


A live view of this trend is available here.

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