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November 11, 2009 in Internet

Has Mashable implemented a word count quota? In a post about Google's new search product codenamed Caffeine, they published a brief four-sentence note from the Caffeine development team... and then went on to summarize the note's "key takeaways" with two bullet points:

Since the launch of the developer preview however, we haven’t heard much about it. It’s quietly been undergoing testing and tweaking. That’s all changing though, as now the developer preview of Google Caffeine has been taken down, replaced with an announcement that Google Caffeine will go live in its first datacenter soon.

The new Caffeine splash page says it all. Here’s the full text:

“Based on the success we’ve seen, we believe Caffeine is ready for a larger audience. Soon we will activate Caffeine more widely, beginning with one data center. This sandbox is no longer necessary and has been retired, but we appreciate the testing and positive input that webmasters and publishers have given. ”

While we admit that there isn’t a lot to go off of, we can discern two key takeaways:

- Caffeine testing was successful. The project is moving forward

- Caffeine is going live on Google.com soon, starting with one datacenter

Congratulations, Mashable. You managed to say in 20 words that which took Google 32. But if we include Mashable's bold text immediately preceding the quote, their wordcount jumps to 32 as well, making their post an exemplary exercise in unnecessary summarization and redundancy.

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