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April 3, 2009 in Math

Here are two interesting, if ultimately uninformative, graphics.  The author (artist?) used Facebook to collect data on the most popular books/music at various schools and plotted them against the schools' average SAT score.

The first is entitled "BooksThatMakeYouDumb".  One of the most interesting things to me is that the Bible appears twice as "The Holy Bible" and "The Bible" (chalk that up to Facebook scraping).  But what's actually intriguing is that according to this, using the adjective "Holy" apparantly chops 150 points off SAT scores.  Click to zoom:

The follow up is "MusicThatMakesYouDumb".  My observation here is that while Beethoven has the desirable spot all the way to the right, "Classical" as a group is on the "dumb" side of the scale.  Is classical music ex-Beethoven making people dumb?  Or are dumb people unaware of the names of the composers they are listening to?  Or is this entire exercise a little ridiculous but nonetheless an interesting visualization?  We report, you click to zoom:

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