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February 26, 2010 in Finance,Sports

Apologies for the slow posts... but the NYT explains:

Wall Street trading is often described as a blood sport. But inside the great investment houses, the sport of the moment is, of all things, curling — that oddball of the Olympics that is sort of like shuffleboard on ice.

This slow-poke game, which originated in 16th-century Scotland, has captivated the Type-A world of Wall Street almost by accident. CNBC, whose market chatter is the background music on trading floors, switches to curling from Vancouver shortly after the closing bell.

I thought I was the only one going curling-crazy, but it turns out all of Wall Street has spent the last couple weeks learning a new vocabulary (just call me "Skip") and shouting at the TV. Whether or not everyone else has been honing their skills by playing shuffleboard, I don't know... but my plan to open an NYC curling house/alley/place (?) just got a major boost.

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