Off the grid 2: here there be tourists

June 9, 2010 in Data,New York

Eric Fischer has updated the Geotagger's World Atlas (previously covered on TGR here) by overlaying an analysis of photographers on the geo-located picutures. The result is even more stunning, capturing the different behaviors of locals (blue) and tourists (red):

He drew conclusions by examining other photos by the same photographer. If they had taken photos in the same city more than a month apart, then they were probably a resident of that city; otherwise, they were most likely a tourist.

This is a great example of intelligent data science, putting a second-order correlation on full display. The original dataset would not have yielded this insight. It took a transformation and recombination of the data before the inference could be drawn. I hope the count-the-words-in-the-tweets crowd is paying attention. Brilliant work.

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