World Statistics Day

October 21, 2010 in Data

World Statistics Day was yesterday, October 20th. Here's how the United States marked the occasion:

In order to celebrate WSD, U.S. associations and federal statistical agencies will conduct a breakfast briefing and open house on Capitol Hill to celebrate the contributions of statistics toward informing public policy and improving human welfare.

Party hats ON, people!

If you want to attract people to statistics, then you have to reach out to them more directly. Sponsor a contest for the data nerds out there (and there are many). Publish some infographics for lay-readers. Let people build mashups and visualizations in order to see patterns they never knew existed. Have Facebook "accidentally" leak the number of times any user has viewed any other user's profile and let the public use statistics to identify their stalkers.

But please don't host a closed breakfast lecture and call it a celebration.

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