Briefly: Spotify/SmartBird

July 28, 2011 in Technology

As some of you know, I am and will be travelling abroad for two months. Before I left, I purchased a Spotify subscription and have to say I love it. I won't even waste your time trying to review it -- David Pogue did a great job in today's NYT. I tried to talk myself out of buying it, questioning whether regularly I purchased ten songs a month (the apparant breakeven point for the most expensive subscription), but I now realize that the reason I didn't was simply because I'm cheap, not because I can't find enough songs to keep.

The fact that I'm advocating against an Apple product (iTunes, in this case) should speak volumes in itself.

I also want to share a TED talk about a project I've been following for some time, the SmartBird -- I really like any TED talk that includes an unscripted demonstration. If you'd like, you may draw a connection between the SmartBird's freedom of motion and my own vis a vis digital music. If you'd like.

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