I'm speechless.

August 16, 2011 in Economics,News

Only Michael Arrington would propose something as absurd as a "wealth tax" and then use Donald Trump to demonstrate why it's not a crazy idea.

And only Michael Arrington would take Warren Buffet, one of our generation's most respected investors and philanthropists, to task for daring to ask the government to raise his taxes.

And only Michael Arrington could possibly claim that Buffett is hiding behind his fortune, ignoring (willfully or otherwise) that not only has Buffett already given it away, he has spearheaded a campaign to inspire many others to make similar pledges.

What insane faction keeps giving this man a soapbox?? Between Arrington and Trump, they've put more companies into bankruptcy in the last 5 years than Buffett has in 50. I'll take my economic advice from Mr. Buffett, thank you very much.

(Unless this insanity was all a ploy to identify the anti-intellectual crowd via the article's comments. In that case: well played, Arrington, well played.)

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