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June 2012

Charting iPhone growth

June 30, 2012

To mark the iPhone's 5 year anniversary, comScore has released a chart of mobile use by iPhone type: The most striking thing about the chart, to me, is how steady the width of the bands remains through time. There is a perception that a small but dedicated group of iPhone owners upgrade their hardware with […]

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June 29, 2012

One company is doing a fantastic job of rolling out an innovative, attractive, intelligent and bold user interface across its entire product line: Microsoft. Here's a preview of their Metro-inspired home page redesign. Remember how looked stuck in the 90's until early last year? It looks positively dated next to this. For bonus points, try […]

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Turing's Cathedral

June 27, 2012

I've just finished Turing's Cathedral, a wonderful new book by George Dyson about John von Neumann's team at Princeton that built one of the first computers. In the title chapter, there are a few excellent quotes: "I asked [Turing] under what circumstances he would say that a machine is conscious," Jack Good recalled in 1956. "He […]

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Autoencoders go mainstream

June 27, 2012

My inbox has been buzzing with links to an interesting new research paper from a team at Google led by Andrew Ng (of Stanford AI fame) and Jeff Dean. However, I'm receiving far more links to an NYT piece covering the research. It's great that the work is getting mainstream coverage, but somewhat unfortunate because […]

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