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August 2012

"And boy have we patented it!"

August 24, 2012

Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone, January 9, 2007: We've been innovating like crazy the last few years on this, and we've filed for over 200 patents for all the inventions in iPhone. And we intend to protect them. And they have. (Here are links to the title and post source videos)

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Tolerance and respect

August 19, 2012

I have been reviewing Microsoft's F# Component Design Guidelines. One section has a note to avoid using underscores in names, as it "clashes with .NET naming conventions." However, the authors found it necessary to add this caveat: That said, some F# programmers use underscores heavily, partly for historical reasons, and tolerance and respect is important. […]

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Missing pieces

August 1, 2012

Two important things to keep in mind about Mountain Lion, entirely reblogged from Adam Laiacano because his pictures are worth exactly two thousand of my words: One saving grace -- at least on my machine -- a Java runtime was automatically installed while I was installing Python. Why not just preinstall it in the first place? […]

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DIY gasoline arbitrage

August 1, 2012

Who needs futures? Now you can arbitrage gas prices right at the pump: (And if that's not enough, it costs a dollar more just down the block!)

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