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November 2012

Deep learning goes mainstream

November 24, 2012

Another day, another surprise from the New York Times! This time it's a front page article on "deep-learning," an integral part of my own work and something that defies many attempts at simple explanation. Sadly, that's also true of the Times article, which never actually explains what deep learning is! Indeed, the reader is left to wonder […]

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To surprise of pundits...

November 7, 2012

Thanks, xkcd: As of this writing, the only thing that's 'razor-thin' or 'too close to call' is the gap between the consensus poll forecast and the result.

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"iPad". Just "iPad".

November 5, 2012

Having played with the new iPad mini, I am quite sure that it will become the dominant iPad product. It is the just the right size and weight; it's relatively cheap; the bezel is unobtrusive; the screen seems sharp even next to a true retina display. In a perfect world, I think that the mini […]

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Politics & Statistics

November 4, 2012

I'm a big fan of Nate Silver -- he consistently demonstrates that he is one of the best and brightest statisticians around. I like to say that statisticians (and risk managers) are professional skeptics; our job is to let data speak for itself, not to speak on its behalf. Nate Silver does that better than […]

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