"iPad". Just "iPad".

November 5, 2012 in General

Having played with the new iPad mini, I am quite sure that it will become the dominant iPad product. It is the just the right size and weight; it's relatively cheap; the bezel is unobtrusive; the screen seems sharp even next to a true retina display. In a perfect world, I think that the mini would be rebranded as just "iPad" and its larger brother would be the "iPad HD". Now, I think that's unlikely -- we have only to look at the iPod mini to see that a main product continuously marketed as an alternative. Perhaps that's an effective tactic -- people seem quite interested in anchoring studies these days. I am recommending the iPad mini over the iPad to almost everyone that asks -- it's hard to think of an application which *demands* the larger screen but not, say, a retina MacBook Pro. Sure, movies will look better on the big iPad -- hell, everything will look better with 4x as many pixels -- but the mini is the Goldilocks product that gets the value balance right.

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