A Bit About

This is the Green Room. More specifically, this is a blog that aims to illuminate four major fields -- finance, risk, data, and math -- along with many tangents into photography, cars, maps, technology and the occasional quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

TGR enjoys a position in FT Alphaville's blogroll and has been mentioned in Dealbook by the New York Times. Posts are also occasionally cross-published on Seeking Alpha. TGR's author has extensive experience in finance and is a CFA charterholder.

TGR takes its name from the film My Fellow Americans, in which the following rapid dialogue takes place as two former presidents try to rush a tour through the White House:

Douglas:   This is the Green Room.
Kramer:    It's a room.
Douglas:   It's green.
Kramer:    Hence it's name.
Douglas:   Any questions?
Kramer:    Not from me.
Douglas:   Okay, then shall we...?

Welcome to The Green Room. Please enjoy, and above all: don't panic. Feel free to contact me with suggestions, questions or death threats as you like.

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