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Bayesian statistics

More mainstream Bayesians

December 20, 2009

The NYT recently ran an article on the math behind the recent and controversial mammogram advisory change. Unsurprisingly, it is heavily centered on a Bayesian argument. Of course, the key point here is not that the statistics dictated the change, but that budgets and political agendas dictated an acceptable level, which the statistics subsequently informed: […]

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Living in a Bayesian world

October 30, 2009

Increasingly, I've noted in my discussions with statisticians and practitioners a reliance on Bayesian methods. Bayesian statistics rely on an understanding of the uncertainty of a hypothesis. For example, Bayesian hypotheses are literally updated as new information becomes available. Bayesian analyses will also rely heavily on conditional probabilities, or the understanding of likelihoods that depend […]

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Asimov on perceiving the world

July 8, 2009

Via economist Dan Ariely's blog, this is what Isaac Asimov thought about perceiving the world through data. It is an implicitly Bayesian approach and brings to mind the famous Keynes quote about changing one's mind. Asimov wrote: "Don't you believe in flying saucers, they ask me? Don't you believe in telepathy? — in ancient astronauts? — […]

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A Google Reader wishlist

June 24, 2009

Google Reader has become an inexorable part of my daily life. It's the only way I can keep up with the amount of reading I do each day, and as much as I love the service, there are a few things I miss. Here's my wishlist for Google Reader: Intelligent favorites: Right now, I have […]

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Personalized Yelp ratings

June 24, 2009

I had a great conversation last night which at one point verged into the pros and cons of various ratings systems. In particular, we discussed the "star+comment" system used by Yelp, in which between 1 and 5 stars can be assigned in addition to a text comment of arbitrary length. Yelp does some clever things […]

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