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Unknown unknowns

September 19, 2011

After observing a pair of poorly-rebadged cars, a series of thoughts about Rumsfeld's "known knowns," "known unknowns," and "unknown unknowns."

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i8, iWant

July 30, 2011

I wrote about how much I loved BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics concept almost 2 years ago. This morning in Frankfurt, BMW took it one step closer to production as the second model in the new electric BMW i sub-brand: the i8. Looking like a hybrid 6/8-series that fell through a portal from 2050, the latest concept […]

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Bridge of the future, car of the past

October 14, 2009

The NYT has an article up about a new generation of bridges designed by the University of Maine. The bridges take advantage of new composite materials and can be built relatively cheaply, and the technology is being pitched as a means of patching up the United States' aging infrastructure. Accompanying the NYT article is one […]

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Augmenting reality

September 3, 2009

BMW is actively researching the use of augmented reality for servicing cars: Augmented reality (AR) has been getting a lot of press for recent advancements on the iPhone and Android platforms. While it's nice to see these developments, thus far I've thought the excitement is a bit premature. It's as if we all know how […]

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Land speed

September 2, 2009

I saw this ad for the new Cadillac lineup, in particular the CTS coupe, on Sunday night and was left with the feeling that I had seen something almost-but-not-quite-like it before. The sand, the straight-line speed, the radio-quality voices, the ambient nothingness... and finally, I remembered. Here's the Cadillac ad: And here's the classic BMW […]

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BMW's new concept

September 1, 2009

And speaking of progress, is anyone else incredibly excited by the Vision EfficientDynamics concept from BMW? Only a small fraction of these concept cars make it to productions with any semblance to the original design, but I still love to see them. Sure, the styling is extreme and the blue lighting is garish but... really, […]

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BMW: Checkmate

April 17, 2009

Amazing ads in Santa Monica, as a sign for the new Audi A4 is countered by BMW's new M3:

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Better late than never

March 4, 2009

This is the one they meant to make 7 years ago: Casting Out Devils, BMW’s 7 Becomes More Heavenly.

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Hot wheels

March 1, 2009

German youths are protesting their country's economic troubles by torching Porsches and BMWs. Unfortunately I don't think their strategy is going to improve anything.

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The M is dead, long live the M

April 17, 2008

This weekend's drive has driven home the realization that my car is gone. (Assuming I even can drive with my knee shot to hell. Squash is a bloodsport dressed up with golf claps and lets. But I digress.) But I won't go on moping about it because a) the new car in the stable is […]

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