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One way, the wrong way

December 23, 2009

Every single street in Boston is one-way, the wrong way. At least, that's what I've believed since I lived there - no matter where you want to go, the roads that appear to form the most direct route will inevitably carry traffic only in the opposite direction. And somehow that remains true when you try […]

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Can I get salmon with that?

June 4, 2009

I arrived in Boston late last night and took myself out for dinner. My waitress introduced herself, told me it was her second night and then said, "The fish of the day is broccoli and rice."

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I am not Eli Manning

February 4, 2008

...despite my facebook status during the Giants amazing win over that other team. Wow. We stepped outside immediately after and joined thisentire city in celebrating.  Loudly.  I called Gideon to tell him you could hear people on every balcony shouting, and he replied that in Boston they were just jumping off. On top of everything, a […]

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