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Finding the bottom

May 7, 2009

Russell Napier wrote the book on identifying bear market bottoms (really) and Alphaville provides selections from an interview he recently gave to the FT. Fascinating stuff, if you like reading your news through Roubini-tinted glasses. The concept of identifying any sort of local minimum without the benefit of hindsight is inherently questionable, but the use […]

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From the "future knowledge" file

April 25, 2009

Just overheard on Charles Schwab radio (a story for another time): Astute investors know the stock market typically bottoms before the economy. If only an investor could identify a bottom without the benefit of hindsight, such knowledge would actually be useful.

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The graph is half full

March 31, 2009

The Big Picture has a post which borrows two graphs from Credit Suisse that are meant to illustrate the performance of the S&P 500 in the 100 days following a "major trough."  I re-borrow them here: It looks like the top graph represents a collection of bear market bottoms, which are easily identifiable by the […]

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