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Have your math and eat it, too

January 11, 2012

Here are two of my favorite things, unexpectedly combined: This is from the slideshow accompanying a brief NYT article on an unusual book called Pasta by Design. The book is about, yes, modeling pasta in Mathematica. (via FlowingData)

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And eat it, too

July 28, 2011

Mark at Epic Graphic presents a metaphor for the data/knowledge process: While I love the idea, I think it's missing the most important thing -- the recipe! I'm most interested in how we get from data (raw ingredients) to information (consumible product). Do we follow a specific process - taken straight from a cookbook, for example? […]

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It's American as sweet potatoes (but not sweet potato pie)

November 27, 2009

The NYT has published an infographic showing the top recipe searches on Searches are broken out by state, allowing some interesting comparisons. (Local dialects and preferences are an interest of mine, and when combined with maps I can't resist... see also various words for soda.) Here's the chart for "apple pie", the 5th most […]

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Can I get salmon with that?

June 4, 2009

I arrived in Boston late last night and took myself out for dinner. My waitress introduced herself, told me it was her second night and then said, "The fish of the day is broccoli and rice."

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Dude, that's a toad

May 29, 2009

Tom Valenti, the world's greatest chef,  is featured in a June 8 Forbes article.  The author spent a day with Tom in upstate New York, hunting/gathering ingredients for a home-caught, home-cooked but nonetheless gourmet meal. Everything down to the spring water was collected in the wild (with the exception, I assume, of the French pinot blanc). […]

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Thursday trends are one day late

May 22, 2009

Google search data reveals an (un)surprising truth about Christmas dinners.

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