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Data does not make decisions

February 7, 2012

Darren Herman gets it: This is important.  Data alone does not make decisions. An organization built for the next century is one who has to be able to wonk through large datasets, find insights and action them.  Just having data alone is not a winning proposition.  It’s the application of data, the extrapolation, and understanding that […]

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"Big Data" is meaningless

January 20, 2012

Roger Ehrenberg gets it: Every so often a term becomes so beloved by media that it moves from “instructive” to “hackneyed” to “worthless,” and Big Data is one of those terms.... Every business generates data, but it is a far smaller number that view data as a strategic asset that is actively managed for the benefit […]

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...and not a drop of value

January 5, 2012

Bryce Roberts gets it: Here’s the thing. Data, big, medium or small, has no value in and of itself. The value of data is unlocked through context and presentation.

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