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Dynamically priced baseball tickets

May 18, 2009

Seven years ago, the Mets were among the first teams in MLB to adopt a tiered pricing system in which it costs more to see a game against a good opponent than a bad one. At the time, it was the most sophisticated such plan in baseball. Others included simple methods like charging more for […]

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The Parade

February 5, 2008

An amazing photo (taken by Fred R. Conrad for The New York Times) from New York's first ticker tape parade in a long time.  People were already lined up in front of Trinity Church this morning when I left for work and cars were rolling down Broadway honking incessently -- all 4 hours before the Giants […]

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I am not Eli Manning

February 4, 2008

...despite my facebook status during the Giants amazing win over that other team. Wow. We stepped outside immediately after and joined thisentire city in celebrating.  Loudly.  I called Gideon to tell him you could hear people on every balcony shouting, and he replied that in Boston they were just jumping off. On top of everything, a […]

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