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Google Wave

Twitter, exposed

July 2, 2009

Twitter's data model is, interestingly enough, entirely user generated. Hashtags of every variety, retweets, and other methods of ascribing meta-information to tweets have developed outside any formal structural model or standard. The lone first-party implementation is that a "@" prefix links directly to a person, and even that isn't fully functional. All of my problems […]

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Security, more or less

May 30, 2009

58 minutes and 30 seconds into the Google IO demo of Google Wave (youtube link), does Stephanie Hannon actually type out the Wave password by mistake? Is it really "wavewave"? I hope that was just the password for the demo Twitter account and not for anything more sensitive. As Stephanie said, better get that tab […]

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Google Wave

May 29, 2009

If Google Wave is successful, will anyone care about Twitter anymore? To me the most exciting thing about Google Wave isn't that it's real time; nor that it's live; nor that it combines email, IM, and social networking; nor that it lets people send photos quickly; nor that it is the first "web application" that […]

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