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Tower graphics

October 14, 2010

Max Gadney writes on the rise of "tower graphics" - those giant infographics popping up all over the net which require scrolling endlessly to follow their narratives. He notes: Every time I try to hate these, I imagine people who are just interested in the facts finding them easy to use. (albeit hard to search […]

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It's American as sweet potatoes (but not sweet potato pie)

November 27, 2009

The NYT has published an infographic showing the top recipe searches on Searches are broken out by state, allowing some interesting comparisons. (Local dialects and preferences are an interest of mine, and when combined with maps I can't resist... see also various words for soda.) Here's the chart for "apple pie", the 5th most […]

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Bridge of the future, car of the past

October 14, 2009

The NYT has an article up about a new generation of bridges designed by the University of Maine. The bridges take advantage of new composite materials and can be built relatively cheaply, and the technology is being pitched as a means of patching up the United States' aging infrastructure. Accompanying the NYT article is one […]

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