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Harry Potter

Now departing from platform 9 3/4

March 27, 2009

From the Freakonomics Blog: You might have learned about the hidden elves of Iceland if you read the Michael Lewis article we blogged about recently. (Note: for Icelandic pushback to Lewis’s colorful tales, see here.) The Icelandic government apparently takes these elves very seriously, and often requires that new construction sites be certified as clear of elves before building […]

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Wotcher, Hermione

February 14, 2008

While I was waiting for my pupils to dialate and leave me about as happy outdoors as one of those things in I Am Legend, I wandered into the frames shop and put on a pair of round glasses. The girl behind the counter looked up and said "'Ello, 'Arry." I am not making this […]

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