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One way, the wrong way

December 23, 2009

Every single street in Boston is one-way, the wrong way. At least, that's what I've believed since I lived there - no matter where you want to go, the roads that appear to form the most direct route will inevitably carry traffic only in the opposite direction. And somehow that remains true when you try […]

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Colors of Harvard Square

October 22, 2009

From Cartogrammar, an absolutely brilliant application of the Flickr API produces this map of the colors of Harvard Square: The map was created by taking geocoded photos from Flickr and calculating the average hue of the photograph, then plotting that color on the map and interpolating between all the resulting points.  Astoundingly, this image shows […]

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Critiquing the Crimson

June 9, 2009

The Harvard Crimson has published its annual senior survey, which is making headlines in part because very few seniors are going into finance. Selected results were presented in an interesting visualization (the image below links to a full size pdf): Now that my brother has graduated after successfully steering the Crimson's business operations to one […]

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Observed at Harvard's graduation

June 4, 2009

Before commencement, alumni are gathered in the Yard. A dean is reading off what seems to be historical events from the anniversary years.  Among his observations: "In 1959, the Union decided to admit two new states: Hawaii and Alaska. Out of political fairness and bipartisanship, one was Democratic and one was Republican. I believe that […]

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End of an era: Harvard kills its squash courts

May 25, 2009

Vanity Fair on Harvard's Vanishing Squash Courts: Artist James Powers, Harvard ’08, proved to be an invaluable source on two fronts. He knew about the four unused squash courts in Adams House because he had painted in them, seen movies inside them, and, like the other students, stored junk in them over the summer. Had […]

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Want to teach?

March 4, 2009

Annenberg Hall.  Unfortunately, there's some color noise in the background.

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