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Real time and the data society

May 16, 2009

The Times has gone all Twitterish - a new feature called Times Wire displays stories as they are published. It is the latest effort to cash in on the growing phenomenon of "real time search." The new Times page implies very simply that recency = importance, which just isn't the case, but somehow our need for […]

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The mysterious case of the SPX spike

April 23, 2009

Get out your tin foil hats, there's something sinister afoot! Zero Hedge, a blog which has been getting an astounding amount of press lately (in particular because of this rumor) posted the following picture this afternoon "without commentary" (please note I recreated their image to use EST times): This is called a volume-at-price chart, or […]

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Solve a mystery or rewrite history

April 21, 2009

Uh-oh, the naive journalist has even more naive readers: In response to my article on the financial mess, Goldblog reader Dan Simon writes in to explain the market's recent follies. I am not going to print the explanation here lest someone read it, but basically it claims that the pre-1980 stock market was a beacon of efficiency […]

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