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February 2, 2010

LOST is back tonight! And what better way to prepare than an interactive timeline from the excellent NYT graphics team? A good infographic should communicate otherwise-complex ideas in a simple and intuitive manner... oh, never mind, LOST is back and that's really what matters. Check out the timeline here!

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Stages of a photographer (an infographic)

January 25, 2010

Very amusing... and true: I especially love "The HDR Hole." Presumably the y-axis is measured in percent of personal potential... there must be all sorts of Bayesian self-reflection stuff going on there. (Via DataViz)

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It's American as sweet potatoes (but not sweet potato pie)

November 27, 2009

The NYT has published an infographic showing the top recipe searches on Searches are broken out by state, allowing some interesting comparisons. (Local dialects and preferences are an interest of mine, and when combined with maps I can't resist... see also various words for soda.) Here's the chart for "apple pie", the 5th most […]

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The 100 users of Twitter

July 31, 2009

An interesting visualization of Twitter as 100 people is a good take on a popular infographic meme, but reveals a few inconvenient truths about these sorts of images. Firstly, although I am (not so) secretly pleased to see this illustration of Twitter's non-inclusive communicative nature let's not forget that Twitter, like so many other social […]

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Butter & Marge

June 24, 2009

Add it to the list of things you didn't even realize you were missing - here's a stunning infographic about butter: (via information aesthetics)

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