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Tower graphics

October 14, 2010

Max Gadney writes on the rise of "tower graphics" - those giant infographics popping up all over the net which require scrolling endlessly to follow their narratives. He notes: Every time I try to hate these, I imagine people who are just interested in the facts finding them easy to use. (albeit hard to search […]

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Steve Duenes @ SIGGRAPH'09

August 5, 2009

Steve Duenes, Graphic Director at the NYT, gave the keynote address at SIGGRAPH today. He and his team are at the forefront of modern data visualization. Their techniques are innovative, meticulous, and most importantly crystal clear - it's no surprise that every graphic they publish wins accolades across the web. So far the only description […]

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InfoGraphics in motion

March 26, 2009

One of my favorite music videos is Royskopp's Remind Me, because of it's cleverly informative visual style, not unlike an animated airplane safety card or pictograph instruction pamphlet: Recently, a student named Tomas Nilsson has reinterpreted the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood in similar fashion: In fact, the style bears some resemblance to the Microsoft […]

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