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Are you joking right now, AT&T?!

June 15, 2010

Hours into the iPhone launch, you're still "upgrading your systems"?! Due to a system upgrade the site is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. For immediate assistance please contact customer service at 1-800-331-0500.

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More iPad Dashboard speculation

February 4, 2010

Kevin Fox is on board the Dashboard train that I wrote about a short while ago. Having seen the sparsity of the iPad screen, and how strange iPhone-scale apps look when zoomed, I'm liking the idea more and more. Plus it would enable some form of multitasking... (Via John Gruber)

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Tablet OS = Dashboard?

January 17, 2010

There's a lot of speculation out there regarding the form of Apple's tablet OS: will it be the iPhone OS in an expanded resolution? Will it be a stripped down version of Snow Leopard? Will it be something new entirely? If you're using a Mac right now, hit F12. That's my bet at what the […]

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The fine print

January 4, 2010

From the "that's a feature, not a bug" file: I always thought my iPhone's ability to continue email searches on the server (as opposed to emails stored on the phone) was broken, since it never returned any results even for emails I knew existed. Today, I learned that remote search is explicitly not supported, according […]

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Nexus One: "not very different than the Droid"

January 4, 2010

Engadget has gotten their hands on Google's Nexus One phone and while further details will be forthcoming at Google's press event on Tuesday, they have a pretty in depth preview. The most important takeaway is that despite the iPhone-launch-esque frothing of the technology media at large, this is not a revolutionary phone. A couple weeks […]

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Google Phone addendum

December 13, 2009

CrunchGear may be focusing on the hardware, I'm going to focus on the competition: the most salient outcome of Google's decision not to partner with a carrier is that people will be able to discriminate among carriers based on network quality rather than phone features. This is big (though lest I sound hypocritical, I dont […]

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The Google Phone: this doesn't change very much at all (yet)

December 13, 2009

In their usual over-enthusiasm for all things with touchscreens (too soon?), CrunchGear has been gushing over Google's rumored phone. Google has confirmed that they are working on "a device" without further specifics. That hasn't stopped CrunchGear from actually writing: ...if and when Google starts selling this thing, prepare for some of the strangest – and […]

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This is awesome

October 30, 2009

Google maps navigation: the first time I've genuinely thought, "I wish my iPhone did that." Update 10/30: And soon, it will! (barring any Google Voice-style shenanigans)

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There's an app for that

October 22, 2009

Steve Ballmer fires across the bow: "Let's face it, the Internet was designed for the PC. The Internet is not designed for the iPhone," Ballmer said. "That's why they've got 75,000 applications — they're all trying to make the Internet look decent on the iPhone." I'm not sure what's more amusing - the absurdity of […]

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iPhones support push gmail!

September 22, 2009

Finally. I've been using Google's contact and calendar syncing increasingly, to the point that they are almost indispensable to me. Most critically, when my last iPhone broke I only had to wait a few seconds for my new one to download all of my information from the cloud. The addition of push email completes Google Sync's basic […]

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Some things never change

June 29, 2009

New York City: consumers mob a popular flagship store, clamoring to be among the first to own the latest and greatest in technology. iPhone frenzy? Hardly. In 1945, Gimbels sold out of thousands of revolutionary (at the time) ballpoint pens for $12.50 each - or roughly $150 in 2009 dollars. Here's an ad from the […]

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Rejoice, nerds!

June 25, 2009

HP is releasing iPhone versions of their iconic calculators. And yes, this is the second time I've covered iPhone calculators.

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The hidden cost of an iPhone 3GS

June 8, 2009

Apple's new iPhone 3GS is can be pre-ordered for just $199... unless you already have an iPhone. That's right, current iPhone users are not eligible for the subsidized price, and will have to shell out $600 for for the 16GB model, as disclosed in the footnotes of the pre-order page. AT&T is apparently telling some […]

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Signs of the times

April 5, 2009

The top two most-emailed stories on right now are "I Hate My iPhone" and "The iPhone Gold Rush". The first is written by a woman who blames her poor spelling and lack of dexterity on her phone (you may remember this argument from such debates as "CDS killed the economy").  The second is about […]

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March 25, 2009

Thought this was funny - a new iPhone app called MouthOff:

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The sound of a million MobileMe subscribers screaming

February 10, 2009

Google has released a beta of Google Sync for Mobile which includes support for various smartphones including the iPhone. Previously, only Blackberries were supported.  The beta, which was announced this morning on the Google Mobile blog, introduces true push syncing for Google calendar and Google contacts. In my mind, this is the nail in the […]

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Good news, nerds!

March 19, 2008

The iPhone 2.0 firmware will include a scientific calculator. And yes, I'll use it. [Via Engadget]

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At this time, CNN is projecting...

March 4, 2008

CNN recently went out and picked up some giant touchscreens. Eye candy? Sure, but incredibly cool... and they actually enhance the broadcast quite a bit! The touchscreens are billed as something out of Minority Report -- but that's a bit of a stretch. I mean, it's a touchscreen, not a holographic gesture-based wünderinterface (which would […]

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Round after round, ramp after ramp

February 23, 2008

We went to the Guggenheim this afternoon to see the big new exhibit that just opened. It's pretty fantastic. The cars above are the centerpiece, backflipping up through the rotunda. The sparks are animated LEDs. Aside -- I was waiting in the phenomenal Cafe Fiorello on Thursday and this older guy at the table next […]

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A brief lesson in how to spell "yarmulke"

February 23, 2008

Our Story So Far: Thursday night, I was recommended a new synagogue on the UWS to check out. I cajoled DS into going with me. This Saturday morning began like most, arguing with the 9am alarm. By the time I struggled through showering and getting dressed, it was around 10. I was supposed to be […]

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Summit run

February 16, 2008

(quality courtesy iCamera)

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