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Lessons in diplomacy

September 27, 2009

When the world has just learned that its suspicions about your secret nuclear ambitions are frighteningly accurate, you should probably go ahead and flaunt ten days of missile testing.

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Iran has a secret nuclear plant

September 25, 2009

I am hardly surprised, and fervently hope this erodes any remaining legitimacy that the present Iranian government has managed to cling to. (Via everyone)

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Why the administration may be missing its chance

July 18, 2009

From the LA Times, a remarkable transformation is taking place: And as hard-liners repeated their signature cries of "Death to America" and "Death to Israel," Mousavi supporters overwhelmed them with chants of "Death to Russia" and "Death to China," referring to the two U.N. Security Council members that have shielded Iran from much tougher sanctions over […]

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"A revolution in the American fantasy"

July 13, 2009

The RWW article I just discussed included a link at the end to an excellent discussion of American egoism and hypocrisy as epitomized by the glorification of the Twitter's recent role in Iran, decrying it as "a revolution in the American fantasy." While I found it a to lean a bit on the conspiracy side, and […]

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On my lack of writing on Iran

June 21, 2009

An email I received which, I think, puts it succinctly: WRITE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, ABOUT IRAN.  GET YOUR READERS, AT LEAST, TO THINK ABOUT IT, IF NOT TO SHUDDER AT THE REINCARNATION OF HITLER'S BROWNSHIRTS AND MUSSOLINI'S BLACKSHIRTS. With apologies. I have been so engrossed by the situation that I have felt any writing inadequate to […]

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The flow of information

June 16, 2009

This NYT article on Twitter and Iran sums it all up (emphasis mine): “We’ve been struck by the amount of video and eyewitness testimony,” said Jon Williams, the BBC world news editor. “The days when regimes can control the flow of information are over.” It's an amazing and deserved accolade for the young service. But. […]

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