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How to lose your money without really trying

April 27, 2009

An author describes a lose-lose strategy.

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A casualty of chance

April 20, 2009

I discovered this Atlantic article ("Why I Fired My Broker") on MB's blog.  I came to enjoy it in the end, but while I was reading it I was struck by how representative it is of contemporary financial journalism.  This is the new cookie cutter article: naive reporter is encouraged by rich capitalists to invest, […]

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The math (and myths) of leveraged ETFs

April 20, 2009

Leveraged ETFs are vehicles which provide non-recourse leverage on various sectors or strategies. For example, every day the double-inverse financials SKF returns roughly -2 times the daily return of the DJ Financials index. These products are a favorite of mine not simply in a speculative framework, but in a quantitative one. Many people make the […]

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