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Autoencoders go mainstream

June 27, 2012

My inbox has been buzzing with links to an interesting new research paper from a team at Google led by Andrew Ng (of Stanford AI fame) and Jeff Dean. However, I'm receiving far more links to an NYT piece covering the research. It's great that the work is getting mainstream coverage, but somewhat unfortunate because […]

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The data supply chain

October 27, 2010

Pete Warden has written a post on extracting value from data. Early on, he compares the data itself to raw minerals - it's difficult to sell it at a premium because the eventual buyer will have to invest time and money extracting value from the commodity. Now, data may not be commoditized (yet) but I […]

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Speech recognition (is more prevalent than you think)

June 25, 2010

The NYT has published the second article in their "Smarter Than You Think" series on artificial intelligence (TGR covered the first here and again here). This time, the focus is on speech recognition and natural language processing. A couple passages really stood out to me in this more abbreviated overview of the technology: Computers with […]

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Elementary, my dear Watson

June 17, 2010

In a pleasant surprise, the NYT Magazine has published an excellent article on artificial intelligence. What's more, it appears to be the first in a series. The article is well-written and accessible; it doesn't delve with any of the math, just the inspirations for and results of the AI procedures. It really speaks to the […]

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The revolution will be translated

March 9, 2010

From an NYT article on Google's translation services, this excerpt sums up the most critical transition in machine learning that has happened thus far: Creating a translation machine has long been seen as one of the toughest challenges in artificial intelligence. For decades, computer scientists tried using a rules-based approach — teaching the computer the […]

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The million dollar question

August 20, 2009

Straight from GigaOm, emphasis mine: Despite all the hype and excitement around the real-time web, access to real-time information online is hardly a new phenomenon. That fact stuck with me after talking to Chris Cox, Facebook’s product director, last week at the social networking company’s headquarters. As he noted, “Real time has been around since [the […]

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